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Published: November 10, 2018

Still lack of transparency

Dear members, dear people you wanted to become members of, dear supporters, dear interested people.

We regret to announce that those who are responsible do not consider it useful to inform you about current events still.

Due to the accusations in the last days, we assumed and demanded also several times that the current responsible persons of the association must explain themselves to it. Nothing has happened... very unfortunate because here again a chance of transparency and trust has been destroyed.

Furthermore, the first chairman Alexander Ottavio resigned his office on 1 November 2018. Here, again, there will be no information but silence.
Mr. Ottavio simply drew the conclusion and informed the responsible court that he wanted cooperation with the rest of the Executive Board in order to ensure a minimum continuation in accordance with the Articles of Association, but that it was counteracted by the other side.

Now to make it clear that he DOES NOT have to CONTRIBUTE to any more decisions,
to make it clear that he is NOT backing the current communication strategy,
to make it clear that he is no longer responsible for incoming funds,
he has drawn the necessary conclusions.

We now assume that this will be the case and at the same time hope that there will be a general meeting for the members relatively quickly, in accordance with the articles of association.

There we can finally seal the long-awaited takeover and reorientation of the "hearty Hamburgers" and replace the previous, always nagging, 1st chairman, who always pointed out adherence to applicable law and the correct use of donations.

As long as we can, we will accompany this process critically.

Greetings from the team of DocMobile Watchblog

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