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Published: November 1, 2018

Sexual harassment - a shock

Dear friends,

when it was decided that this website should serve as a WatchBlog for DocMobile - Medical Help e.V. in the future, we could not have imagined that this would lead to such findings.

A few days ago, a comment was written under an article that literally blew us away. Nathalie (we have removed the surname - it was indicated) reports of sexual harassment at the Athens site. Of course we have published this comment - since we do not think much of veiling in general and are of the opinion that a person affected should pronounce it publicly, it should also be made public and not swept under the table.

Of course, we immediately made sure that the remaining members of the board were made aware of this, and we call again on them to comment on the allegations. In our opinion, Nathalie's descriptions, including those that subsequently took place in dialogues, are quite conclusive and should therefore be followed up resolutely!

The described indifference of the local coordination, which was informed about it according to Nathalie, is just as shocking, as the circumstance that the active executive committee (or its assistants) of the association deleted our comments in this regard in the DocMobile.org - News - group on Facebook. Here again the lack of transparency criticized by us shows up!

We believe that such accusations cannot be swept under the carpet, especially if you are dependent on the help of volunteers in this form, and that you have to actively deal with such topics and make them visible to other volunteers.

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