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Published: November 15, 2018

Resignation of the first chairman

Dear readers,

finally the association DocMobile - Medical Help e.V. published an official announcement by email about the resignation of the 1st chairman. Of course we would have been happy, if this had not taken place only, because we pointed it out several times. But better late than never!

Kai Wittstock writes: "At the beginning of the month Alexander Ottavio informed me about his resignation as chairman of the association. He has not mentioned any reasons".

Unfortunately, we have noticed that in this announcement, once again, the intention is not to provide honest transparency and the members are not fully informed. Because the reasons were clear from several previous letters.

Most recently, a letter to the responsible court in which Mr. Ottavio gave a clear breakdown. So it says on 21.10.:

"... not even in a position to draw up a list of members together."
"... even a minimal cooperation between me and Mr Wittstock is no longer possible."
"At the latest after an incitement to joint fraud stands in the room, there is also no more trust left."

As this letter is available to Mr Wittstock, it was at least known why the first chairman resigned his office. Irrespective of this, the reasons also result from the dialogues held over the preceding months. Furthermore, the reasons can also be sub-summed from the other articles on this watchblog.

Fortunately, the 2nd chairman has now at least listened again to what he was advised to do. So Mr. Ottavio advised, to avert damage to the association "I point out that you should immediately apply to the competent court for the appointment of an emergency board according to ยง29 BGB". - even if this now somehow reads quite differently in the communication:

"Due to the time of the resignation and the fact that the executive committee had not properly invited to a general meeting and elections previously, I immediately informed the district court about Alexander's letter and asked for the necessity of the appointment of an emergency executive committee."

Why do we inform you of this?

Because the following sentence is also to be read in the message: "I call all members to behave constructively for a continuation of the activities on site".
We second this so that all those, who have recently applied for membership, as well as those who still intend to do so, keep an eye on it and, if necessary, communicate it again to the emergency board appointed at that time. Because our hope was and is, that the important work of the association is taken up again in the manner, as it was the case before the influences from those acting in the background:

100% use of funds for the work on site and 100% transparency for the people interested and members of the association.

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