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Published: September 14, 2018

New members blocked

Dear people,

who wanted to preserve Docmobile for what it is. I thank you for so many people who responded to my call and wanted to become members of the association. Unfortunately every trick is used here and the admission of new members is blocked with flimsy arguments of the 2nd chairman Kai Wittstock.

As 1 chairman I could overrule him in the current situation, but that would not be the result we would like. Now that I am reviewing the activities of the last weeks, I unfortunately have to say that the association cannot be saved in its original form. Everything is simply done to avoid hearing other voices and to prepare the takeover of the “hearty” Hamburgers. During the last weeks I have made sure that the available funds were used exclusively in accordance with the statutes, more I couldn’t do.

I now assume that a general meeting will be held in Hamburg in the next few weeks. I continue to assume that this MV will finally take place in accordance with the law and that a new Executive Board will be elected here. I announce hereby publicly that I will not be available then for any office in the executive committee. Because the goal of “the new ones” is probably further on, to spend a lot of money for PR, fundraising and salaries. This is contrary to the statutes, but they will be able to change them unhindered. An association with such structures is the opposite of what I and others had in mind when founding DocMobile. Therefore my commitment is terminated then in responsible position and I will accompany the procedure then only critically as a member. At least as long as they let me be a member of the association.

I thank you all for your great support. I can only tell you what my opinion and my reaction to the new situation is. Of course you can and should decide for yourself how you deal with this information. I just want to inform you so that you have the possibility to decide about it at all. I do this in order to fulfill the transparency I promised, on the part of the actors a statement towards the public is probably only to be expected when the paths have been taken alredy. As long as it is possible for me, I will use my site Docmobile.org to keep you up to date. Soon with a more detailed statement how everything could come as it is now.

Greetings and we see each other again… #wearemore

signed Alexander Ottavio
Alexander Ottavio
1st chairman
DocMobile – Medical Help e.V.

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