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Published: December 11, 2018

Medical Volunteers International

Half truths and conjuring tricks
or, does the end justify all means?

To anticipate it right away, the purpose (the medical care of those seeking help and protection) was and is the absolutely most important thing for us in this whole matter.

But what we should discover now is almost unbelievable and if we had not seen it with our own eyes, we would say that this cannot be the case. But you never stop learning! Recently there is the Medical Volunteers International e.V. - so far no problem, but if we look now, which people the association consists of and how long it is now "in the making", it knocks the bottom out of the barrel.

It has long been clear to us that the "hearty Hamburger" wanted to take over our association DocMobile - Medical Help e.V. for reasons of prestige. But how this has now happened has surprised even us negatively. The association Medical Volunteers Inernational e.V. starts on its page with the stories of volunteers who have been active for the association in the camps in Greece for years, although the association has only been in existence for a few weeks. With the history of DocMobile - Medical Help e.V. they simply suggest that they have been helping successfully for a long time. Stories are told that could never have taken place like this!

To make it clear again, we welcome any activity that makes life easier for the local people. We ask, however, why the truth is not presented to the people.

The board of DocMobile tells its members that the work is suspended, the board of DocMobile watches how donations for and in the name of DocMobile are started, the board writes that they still need weeks to be able to operate with DocMobile again.

  • We know the work is continuing.
  • We can only assume that currently collected money will also flow to the association Medical Volunteers International e.V.
  • We assume that at the next general meeting of DocMobile - Medical Help e.V. the dissolution of the association will be decided.

All this may be irreversible and correct, but why is this not communicated openly?

Why are tricks and half-truths used instead of openly advertising with the new association to acquire donations?

Of course we think it is great that the funds of the DocMobile association continue to be used locally, but we ask ourselves how an incapable board of directors could decide that the entire fixed assets of the association would come into the possession of Medical Volunteers International e.V.. Also here the broadest communication should have taken place, finally it concerns to 100% donated materials, vehicles, etc.

Another important hint is allowed: The vehicles of the officially dormant association DocMobile may also be operated by volunteers of the association only, otherwise the insurance expires. In addition, volunteers who are not working for DocMobile are of course not covered by the association (accident, health, life insurance, etc.).

We don't think that the end justifies all means, because especially towards the people, who made all this possible, pure wine should be poured.

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