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Published: March 9, 2019

Medical Volunteers International - Trust

Once you've lost your trust, you have nothing left to lose

The development of the formerly great association DocMobile - Medical Help e.V. can only be described as sad.

Meanwhile, there is a newly registered board of directors, but unfortunately the majority seems to be mainly interested in acquiring money for themselves. The fact that the former chairman has meanwhile been asked by a seemingly unlegitimated lawyer to release the PayPal account of the association can't be explained otherwise.
The first thing to explain here is that it is not in the power of the former chairman to release this account. It has been closed for security reasons directly by PayPal Security, because the "experts" from the board tried several times (!!!11!1) to crack the account by entering wrong passwords. Instead of contacting the former 1st chairman once in an orderly manner.

Ende DocMobile - Hallo MVIBut much more important in this context is that we ask ourselves the following question:
According to the statement of the responsible persons the work of the association DocMobile - Medical Help e.V. is suspended. According to statements in the social media and other sources, only the association newly founded by those responsible (Medical Volunteers International e.V.) is working. This by the way with the entire equipment (fixed assets) of the association DocMobile, without this was ever legitimized by the members.

Volunteer Medical Volunteers InternationalFurthermore, if you look at DocMobile's Facebook page to volunteer, you will be redirected to the contact page of the new association. You can only draw one conclusion from this: DocMobile does not work, will not work anymore actively in the foreseeable future and will therefore not need funds, which were donated for DocMobile.

Let's come back to the question: What is the board trying to do with all, even questionable, means to get access to the money on the PayPal account?
We would like to point out in this context that the money on the PayPal account is donations acquired by the DocMobile association with the promise that it will be passed on 100% by the association's volunteers, in various forms, to those seeking protection and help. However, as explained before, this will probably not happen again. Therefore, we, the editors of the WatchBlog, are currently very happy and grateful that PayPal has put a stop to this misuse.

Some might now think that the money should be released so that help can be provided locally. We are of the same opinion - but we do not want to allow a large part of this money to be used for payments that were explicitly excluded in the statutes of DocMobile when it was founded.

In addition, nobody but the few founding members was able to see the statutes of Medical Volunteers International e.V. in order to get an idea of where and for what the money originally donated to DocMobile should be used.

In summary, all that remains to be said is, that those responsible are still relying on intransparency, concealment and half-truths.

We keep having an eye!

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